DotA HACK Paling Mantap !!

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Register dl di link di atas..
terus kl udah register ID, buka program na..
masukan ID yg baru di bikin td..
lalu buka warcraft dan mainkan..
di dalam game tinggal pencet home untuk melihat daftar hack yg ada..

jika di win7 klik open as admin dl..
selamat mencoba..

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GuAI Information Board HUD:
[Image: screencut20111128112514.jpg]
GuAI HUD:It shows nearby hero HP,MP,Direction,DIstance,Abilities, Ability Status.
you should check it when encounter some MF heros in the fog.

GuAI Tooltip:
[Image: info.jpg]
GuAI Tooltip: shows Gold,DPS, Ability Status.

Auto last-hit:
[Image: en_screencut20120110212949.jpg]
Activation Mode:Hold or Toggle "~' key to activate last-hit
Last Hit Style:Dedicated for more hits, Natural for better defensive
Deny Priority:priority for last-hit on friendly creeps
Attack Hero: priority for attack enemy heros
Courage:decide how AI behave infront of enemy heros
[Image: en_screencut20111202134008.jpg]
Factors affects Last-Hit: the hero attack damage, the network stability, the ideal network latency stability should be over 50%
Auto Blink Attack: when the AI hero blinked, it will search the weakest enemy hero in the attack range and attack him
Auto Kill Attack:when one enemy hero is nearly dead in the AI hero's attack range, it will attack him automatically.

Auto Dodge Abilities:
[Image: en_screencut20120110213012.jpg]
Interrupt Casting: if you have Silent, Banish or Hex ability, they can be auto used to inerrupt hostile abilities.
Presient Evasion: evade from or interrupt blinkers who blink closer to you to spell critial abilities. like when Centaur Warchief blink to you with Kelen's Dagger, he will be Silented, stunned or Hexed suddenly and automatically, won't able to spell his ability!
Locking Warning: when your hero targeted with a delayed ability, you will be warned. Like when your hero is targeted with the Charge of Darkness, or Homing Missile.
Help Team:When it is activated, the AI will try help other allied hero from being spelled by enemy heros by Silent them, Cyclone them, or Stun them.

Map Hack:
[Image: screencut20111128111922.jpg]
Show Fogged in smallmap
Show cloaked in smallmap
show fogged in big map
show cloaked in big map
show item in the river
show HP bar and clickable for fogged
bypass DOTA -ah

Auto Control Your Creep Units:
[Image: en_screencut20111202124549.jpg]
AI Creeps:Auto Control your non-hero units, they will spell abilities, assist in killing process or last-hit. You don't have to command them anymore!
It can control: All the non-hero units, even remote mines, traps, wards, illussions

Information Assist:
[Image: screencut20111128111947.jpg]
Small Map Flash: it flashes nearby hero in the small map, even the "Smoke of Deceit" has been used.
Opp SmallMap Ping: turn on it you can see enemy Pings on small map.
ManaBar on Illusion: turn Off it you won't see manabar on illusions.
Note:you have to turn on the HP bar in the WC3 option if you enable manabar, or you will get Fatal Error when you press ALT.

Auto Spell Abilities:
[Image: en_screencut20120110213000.jpg]
Kill trigger: when one hero can be killed by AI hero, the AI will spell the ability to kill him
Attack trigger: when AI hero is keep attacking one enemy hero, this will tigger the AI hero spell harm abilities to the target.
Blink trigger: when the AI hero blink close to the enemy hero, it will also spell harm after the blink.
Defense trigger: when the AI hero is being attacking, it will spell the "Heal", "Enhance Defense","Damage FeedBack","Cyclone the attacker" ,"Sleep the attacker" , those kinds of abilities.
Tactical trigger: when there are many enemy hero around, AI will Cyclone the strong one. it will also spell "Enhance Armor","Increase Attack Damage" those abilities when contacting the enemy.
Allow Support: it will support allied hero by spelling the abilities, this trigger will combine with above triggers.
S-Key trigger: the Shortcut key triggers, press CTRL,Shift to command AI spell abilities.

GuAI Extra ToolBox:
[Image: screencut20111128111938.jpg]
Camera Distance: set it higher, the wider you can see.
Faked Full Screen: in -window mode, turn on it to get full screen, very useful
Adjust Unit Scale: It will be more obvious later.
Compatible Mode: this is only used for some platforms.