Sims Social Cheats - Unlock Hidden Items

PS: The version of the game can be obtained by pressing F1 in the game.


• Fiddler
• SWF File â†' • • • • • • • • • • •


1. Clear your browser's cache before you run "Fiddler2".
2. In "Fiddler2" switch to "AutoResponder" label on the right, and tick "Enable automatic responses" and "Permit passthrought for unmatched requests"
3. Extract all the files you've just downloaded, and drag ALL of them to the right hand-side of "Fiddler2" (in the area of "AutoResponder")
4. Enter Sims Social [click to play Sims Social]
5. Just visit the shop (Misc) to see the hidden items! Enjoy! Let's go shopping!

Special Thanks To PWNTHIS[Image: th_v48.gif]

NB: Download SWF File Cari Sendiri yaa di antara Bulat² itu. Cara Mengurangi Leecher biar pada usaha [Image: th_v45.gif]

[Image: zz.gif]
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